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CSS Quickies: border-radius

Michael "lampe" Lazarski on June 30, 2019

What is CSS Quickes? I started to ask my beloved community on Instagram: "what CSS properties are confusing for you?" In "CSS Quickies"... [Read Full]
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A useful yet useless thing you can do to get the roundest corner.

Instead of border-radius: 9999em;

Use border-radius: 9e9em;

The result is 9 to the power of 9. So that's a big number 😅


I feel like you did a good job showing examples as well as defining the radius, but I don't know from reading why we get the shapes we do from the radius. How does this number get applied to the corners of our elements? Why does 50% on a square element, turn it into a circle? I'm not trying to be critical of your post, these were just answers I was hoping to find as I read through.


Thank. I was thinking of integrating it!

There is this wonderful StackOverflow answer how it is calculated:


Thanks - a handy reminder! I keep on meaning to try out some more elaborate border-radius's (did that need the extra 's'...I'm not sure) in a project and you reminded me!

Fancy border radius is a handy site for experimenting with border-radius


Fancy border-radius is a great way to create crazy shapes :)


This is a great series, Michael, thanks for writing it. I've bookmarked it for future reference :)

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