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re: Ditching frameworks for web components implies that frameworks only provide with a view layer, but is it true? If I had to build a scalable, big en...

So how does reactjs help with big scalable apps?

You need a bunch of extra stuff starting from a router to some state management.

You can still use frameworks but they should be interchangeable. If you think about microservices then it would be the same issue if you would need to throw away the whole system just because you changed one microservice. This would be not a good pattern right?

FB will not drop ReactJS but google does throw away a lot of stuff if they think they don't need it.


With its ecosystem, tooling, 3rd parties, let alone how much people love using it. Do Web Components, today, offer the same? No. Will they? Who knows, maybe?

At AngularConnect 2019 it was said Google uses Angular internally for thousands of projects (source). I am not sure they'd be happy to replace them all over again any time soon :)

Google also invests a lot in polymer

Google was the main force behind web components

So why should they now ditch it?

Yeah, no such changes happen overnight but at some point, we have to start. At some point reactjs was only used by facebook now it is everywhere ;)

I think angular has an option to use web components for a lot of its functionality. I would guess google will push more towards using that in the future.

Yes, they will!

They started that web component thing in the first place with version v0.

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