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re: I agree with most of this, but I would caution junior devs on not looking to someone else to give them the answer right off the bat. Fighting throu...

You are 100% right!

I don't tell them just the answer.
I never give them the answer.

At some point, they went the wrong path and I just guide them back to the point where they made the error and then guide them on the right path to the solution.

So I ask them what the problem is and let them explain. This helps them to get the frustration out. Then I ask them what they think is the problem. Then we try their solution together and usually it does not work. So even if I by this point know the solution I will ask them what they will do next and why and so on. I hope you see the pattern.

If they then tell me that they googled for 2 hours and were sitting there for 2 more hours frustrated of course I will help them. At this point, something went wrong completely.

And yeah I tell them that frustration is part of the job also part of the fun to solve the problem :)

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