21 Platforms That Serve As A Lifeline To Web Developers

nikhiltyagi04 on February 08, 2019

Web development is constantly evolving at an astounding pace every single day. It poses a huge challenge to keep a track of new tools, libraries, f... [Read Full]
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Well there is freecodecamp medium, Canva a design tool for your pictures and poster needs and lastly Figma a design tool similar to Sketch that you can design in either mac, windows or linux for free.


I love Brackets. It's more of a text than a code editor. It's very fast and search/replace works fine - that's pretty much all I need to code.


Nice collection! Never even heard of Freepic and Vecteezy - will check these out for sure.


go to freepik. Search for landing page and you can get hundreds of premium quality vector illustrations for free. You can download .eps file and tweak it in illustrator or convert them to svg. freepik.com/search?format=search&p...


I didn't know about renderforest.com it is what i was looking for ... thanks


Super useful list @nikhiltyagi04 , thanks. I would add NewReleases for release tracking. Disclaimer: I made it, for my own needs, and expanded it a bit based on user feedback.


For Note taking, Web clipping and Knowledge building try our app Clibu clibu.com Any and all feedback appreciated.

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