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LambdaTest Automation Launches On ProductHunt

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We’ve reached another milestone since our last launch when we introduced LambdaTest to the community. As we’ve promised to keep building a complete testing infrastructure for you, we have hit a milestone in terms of launching Automation testing on LambdaTest platform.

With this new release of LambdaTest automation, you can run tests across an Online Selenium Grid of 2000+ browsers and OS combinations to perform cross browser testing. This saves you from the pain of maintaining the infrastructure and also saves you the licensing costs for browsers and operating systems.

And as a token of love to the ProductHunt community, we have a special discount for our Hunters. 😃 You can get access to any of the plans on LambdaTest platform at a flat 25% off exclusively for you by using the code HUNTERS25 while upgrading.

You can also check in the Free Trial how the tests go for you! And yes, your feedback is something that we are looking for, always. Please feel free to share what you feel about LambdaTest Online Selenium Grid.

Just give us a shout at out in-app chat support or comment what you feel about us here!

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