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Edward Mendoza Author

This is my very first post on this blog, were im going to document my journey on the Software Engineering track from Flatiron School.

First of all, let me introduce

My name is Eduardo Mendoza im from Mexico, and the title suggests im on my way to become a Full Stack engineer. 2 months ago i was working as QA manual/automation, for a company on Guadalajara city, and after working as QA for six long years, and after building some side projects using rails and trying to learn react, i realized that i wanted to be a Software developer, so i apply for the software engineering track from Flatiron School, got accepted, quitted my job and moved to Oakland.

First Week

After the long wait, the first week started, and to be honest it was crazy, one because for me Oakland and San Francisco are pretty new cities for me, so i got lost several times, and the other and more important is that we have a new virus called coronavirus which is already a pandemic, so we manage to attend only 2 days to the class room and the rest of the days has been remote classes.

After all of this issues, has been a really good experience, first week was all related to OOP topics, which i learn a lot from it, it's exciting think on how much are we going to learn on the rest of the weeks, but for now this is the end of this post.

Thanks to all.