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Discussion on: I'm a .NET Core Contractor, Podcast editor, and host of both The .NET Core Podcast and The Waffling Taylors. Ask me anything!

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Jade Rickerts

Do you develop on a Windows, MacOS or a Linux distro and why did you pick that particular OS?

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Jamie Ask Me Anything

So I'm OS agnostic. I have devices which run both Windows 10 and Mac OS vLatest (a separate device for each), and I run Pop! OS on my main PC.

I used to be Windows only, but about 8 years ago I moved over to Ubuntu Linux for my daily driver. I'd tried a few different distros before then, but there was something special about the fact that it just worked.

Then, when I started getting interested in cross platform .NET development, I bought myself a Macbook Pro.

I still use all three on a daily basis.