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Discussion on: Meet zx: A Better Way to Write Scripts with Node.js

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Alex Lakatos 🥑 Author

Yeah, I think it's still very new, and might mature in the future. I have high hopes for it.

I don't usually think about shell scripts as accepting arguments, I usually build CLIs for that use case, with things like oclif or js-fire. But when I was trying to use arguments in zx even if for the sake of my example, I did miss a better way to parse arguments than process.argv. Hopefully it's something they'll add in the near future.

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Looking throught the issues it does appear like the maintainer wants to keep things as simple as possible. Doesn't look too eager to change things. Anyway, is still a good project.

You know I just remembered something: one can actually install this tool directly from github. So, people could fork this project, tweak a little bit and then install the fork like this.

npm install --global github:<some-user-name>/zx
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That would be an interesting use of this npm install feature.

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Alex Lakatos 🥑 Author

Oh, that's a really good idea. Especially since the work required would be minimal, for example using minimist for arguments would imply adding a few lines for importing the package and exposing it within the scope of zx.