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Discussion on: How do you deal with Q&A web platform's trolls? (e. g., Stack Overflow, Quora, etc.)

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Lais Carvalho Author

This sounds quite good! I am so happy to hear there is another platform with such love being built to help the community.
Moderation is a complicated subject, so much so that is the best and worse thing about SO. The community moderates and answers, when small-ish all was wonderful but calling and keep counting on people's personal measures of 'kindness' and 'respect' is rather challenging.
I really like the fact that you have a CoC written and quite openly published on WebWide as well. I think the main lesson I learned from working online with the public is that the Code of Conduct is the backbone for proper behaviour.

I am very excited to see how your platform will grow and interact with the community. Thank you for sharing! :)