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Neat :)
I'm getting a bug that cuts off last two letters ("e."), is this a work in progress or am I missing something?


Are you on mobile? I am and the issue is the CodePen window is too small. Just scroll horizontally to see it.


On the contrary, mobile works fine - I'm able to scroll it. However the desktop version is causing me some issues. Cutting of last two characters and not being able to scroll
btw using chrome Version 78.0.3904.97 on win10

I tested in Opera 65 (Chrome 77) on MacOS and it all appears to be working fine. That's a weird issue.

I developed and tested this on Chrome 78.0.3904.97 as well but on MacOS. It sounds like it may be that particular Chrome version in combination on Windows 10.


Exactly what I was thinking!


Let me know if @ntrupin 's answer resolves your issue!


Oh wow, this is a really neat effect. The gradient you used is beautiful too. Awesome job!


Thank you! Pastels make things look smoother.