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Discussion on: An Ultimate Guide to Git and Github

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Hey , do learning git commands worth in 2021 ? Whether you can use the git GUI ?

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It would be helpful if you understand how to use git commands.

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Bill Raymond

I mostly use the UI as a single developer with the occasional collaborators, but the command line is very powerful, allowing you to perform more granular and feature-rich operations. It’s also useful if you spend a lot of time in a terminal window anyway.

All that said most of the basics, like cloning, branching, committing, etc are quite easy to learn with a UI. Actually, I learned the UI first, then when I wanted to do more advanced things, the GIT documentation made a lot more sense :)

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Most of the cooler stuff git can do isn't really available from any GUI tools

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Suhail Kakar Author

I would be better, if you learn git commands, and as @darkwiiplayer mentioned, most of the git features aren't available is GUIs

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Learning the basic commands is never a harm.