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Discussion on: A Secret Tool I Use Daily

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Sure thing. My home computer and work computer were both allowed on the same zerotier network. I did this manually via the zerotier dashboard. Each computer will get an ipv4 address for this network. I used VLC to capture and stream my webcam to my works zerotier address. Once I got to work, I opened VLC to play from a network ip address:port. To get the redirection to work I think I used VLC on my work computer to point to another office computer which just used VLC to play the stream.

Auto-discovery and DNS are not usually things that just work. I think this is because it's a software defined network interface (just guessing). Most things will work if you are explicit about it like file sharing, video streaming, etc. For DNS I bought a meaningless name and just manually set the zerotier ips.

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