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When I was a tech lead I loved it. One important point about being a tech lead, you have to be a jack of all trades which requires alot of experience and knowledge. You being a good developer who knows a language really well will not do it. You have to be able to talk with all the other tech teams. You have to be able to see and understand the big picture.


It's a crazy role, huh, Kyle? Having been a manager putting people in tech lead roles as well as being a tech lead myself many times, it's a very fluid role.

Tell us more about what you loved about it? For me, my first experiences were, well, different.... Can't say I loved it!

Later, when I got to see incredible tech leads in action, I learned what worked...


I just loved being the guy in charge and responsible of putting the lego pieces together. I was a tech. lead for a city government. Every project was a big systems integration project. System A had to talk to System B, System B had to send data to System C in a weird format so that it could process it, so on and so on. A lot of responsibility is on you to make sure everything goes well.

Agreed. So how did you do it? Just stay really close to the team (I call it a tracking and adjusting behavior)? Or did you spend a lot of time upfront to define the vision (another one of the behaviors I outline in the book)? Both? Neither?

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