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Great post, Max. I think you provide an awesome insight into a lot of the questions all developers across the spectrum of experience ask themselves.

One thing I would add to your third point, and perhaps it is a point of its own. Is that it is normal to not enjoy your work every once and a while. It is normal to get frustrated and feel like you are not moving forward, but you should never harp on this feeling. In working with a lot of developers even the best ones can get down in the dumps for a bit. The great ones pick themselves back up and solve the problem.


I totally agree with that addition to the third point. Feeling that frustration with work at times is normal, but just feeling it without not judging our skills as a developer from it is important. It's actually come up a lot with my work in Ember lately. I regularly feel frustrated with learning the conventions, but I just feel it and let it pass as I eventually get the hang of it.

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