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re: Thank you Kyle! I've found your posts really useful, thank you for all the detail. How did you find the jump between the Associate and Professi...

The jump from Associate level to Professional is significant. In my experience, the questions are much more involved and look more like story problems.

The practice exams give you a hint of this, but until you sit for the exam it's not quite the same. Some tips around making that jump:

  • Know the core networking and security fundamentals around AWS. (i.e. VPCs, security groups, shared responsibility model, MFA, etc).
  • Know the various costing strategies organizations can use. (i.e. reserved instances, spot instances, etc).
  • Know the services that enable hybrid-cloud. This is a big one for the SA Professional because a lot of the material is about how an organization can incrementally move to AWS.

When it comes to making the jump, more time in the services certainly helps but only to an extent because how often are you going to use the hybrid solutions? Not very often.

Therefore, my suggestion is to really study the various services you don't know at all. Understand the use case for those services, the pricing of them and the limitations they have.

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