re: Hi, I'm Kyle. I just wrote a book on learning AWS, I love helping others and working on side projects. AMA! VIEW POST

re: Hey Kyle! Any tips or advice for someone who wants to start a side project, but is often exhausted after work and has a hard time making time for ...

Hey Andy!

This is a great question.

One tip I hear often and apply myself is working on my side projects for just 30 minutes a day. If I can do more because I have the energy I will do it, but I go into it knowing that is not a requirement.

Another tip, burnout is a real thing in tech. We all need to be mindful of our time and health, so if your exhausted one day take a break. The world will not end.

Lastly, pick side projects that you are truly interested in launching/building. Nothing will make you feel more exhausted than coming home at the end of a work day and working on another thing you aren't very passionate about.


Great points, thanks for the response! 30 minutes a day sounds a lot more doable than "work on a side project after 8 hours of work."

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