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Discussion on: The ultimate migration guide to angular-eslint, ESLint and Nx 11

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Kyle Cannon • Edited on

For people wanting to not do the nx generate @angular-eslint/schematics:convert-tslint-to-eslint for a lot of projects... install jq and then run the following below:

for project in $(cat angular.json | jq -c '.projects | to_entries | map_values(.key) | .[]' | xargs echo); do nx generate @angular-eslint/schematics:convert-tslint-to-eslint $project; done
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Lars Gyrup Brink Nielsen Author • Edited on

Thanks for this nice suggestion. For some reason, installing jq fails on my machine both under Node 10 and Node 12, so I added a PowerShell script and a Bash script using the json package to do the same as what you suggest here.