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I'm posting again about Office Moms & Dads! It is an open source project that my consultancy helped start for the local non-profit that helps kids in the foster care system. Specifically, the app helps schedule/notify volunteers to come in and spend time with kids while they are being placed in the foster care system.

From their website:

Office Moms & Dads is a grassroots volunteer-based organization that serves foster children who have recently been removed from their homes.

Link to Repo: github.com/OfficeMomsandDads/sched...
Link to Prioritized Roadmap: github.com/OfficeMomsandDads/sched...

Special thanks to @haseebelahi for contributing (PR #201) this past month!


Looks like a great project! (also looks like your link to the roadmap is missing)


Whoops! Yep thanks for catching that. I’ll edit the post.


Thanks for the mention Kyle, looking forward to contribute more!


I starred the project.

I look forward to joining the project as soon as my work relocation is done and life returns to normal.

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