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I'll start off by sharing an open source project that my consultancy helped start for a non-profit called Office Moms & Dads. The app helps schedule/notify volunteers to come in and spend time with kids while they are being placed in the foster care system.

From their website:

Office Moms & Dads is a grassroots volunteer-based organization that serves foster children who have recently been removed from their homes.

Link to Repo:


Foster kid support is an area I'd love to contribute to. I'll bet others would too, but might not realize that's what this project is about with its unrelated project name.

Thanks for posting about it; I'll take a look!


Could you give us an idea of the Roadmap beyond what the open tickets show?


Done! 👍

Project Roadmap on GitHub

Everything is prioritized and in order. Feel free to chime in on an issue if you have any questions!

That certainly helps but have some lingering questions:

  • Is there an overview of the codebase, DB relations, app workflow, etc. anywhere (UMLs, Docs, etc)

  • I notice webpack-dev-server is present but doesn't have config which points to anything in /app/javascript/components/blockouts/.... Where's the entry file?

  • Additionally, I see the only thing that invokes the dev server is docker-compose (that is, there is no NPM script). How do you watch/rebuild the JS?

  • I notice in the env.example there are a few services listed such as Honeybadger, Smarty Streets, Twillio, etc.) How are each of these used within the Application and is there a way to generate personal keys to develop with rather than using shared App keys?

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