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Get a Dating App built with React Native

React Native Dating app

Reduce your development time tremendously with a fully functional Dating app for both IOS and Android build with React Native.
With the React Native Dating app, You get a clean codebase that can be easily modified and maintained. Created with React Native, easily editable and ready to launch.

Features include:

  • Matching Algorithm for recommendations

  • Swipe for Like, Super like and Dislike - like Tinder

  • Filter

    • Age
    • Distance
    • Location
    • Gender Interest
  • Video and Audio calling

    • Connection Service integration for Android
    • PushKit & CallKit integration for iOS
    • Foreground, Background and Locked Screen calls
    • Group and 1:1 calls
  • Messaging

    • Real-time 1:1 Private conversation
    • Real-time Group conversation
    • Share photos, videos, and audio file.
    • Typing indicator
    • Online indicator
    • last seen
    • unread message count
    • clickable URL
    • copy text feature
    • caption photos and videos
  • Push Notification

    • New match
    • New messages
  • Settings

    • switch Show me
    • push notifications settings for chat and new match
  • Account

    • Profile Details
    • Edit Profile Info
  • Customer Authentication and Registration Flow

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