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re: For candidates with a clear focus on a specific technology/library/framework/… I always ask "In which case would you not use that?". Or a similar ...

Solid approach.

Remember, interviewing is a two-way street. It's just as much about you assessing a prospective employer/boss as it is them assessing you.

If an interviewer tries to "catch you out" with some arbitrary, illegible code or tries to belittle you because you don't know answers to some esoteric problem then it says more about them and their approaches to work than it does about your knowledge/abilities.


Most def, it's more a conversation-starter, without a "right" answer. If they can argue their claim, perfect.

I think I could argue why React should always be used, sometimes be used, and never be used :-)

Absolutely. Evidence about ways of thinking/approaching a problem are much more revealing about a candidate than their ability to interpret obtuse code like a compiler.

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