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The 3 Best Free React tutorials in 2023 recommends a bunch of free react courses, tutorials and videos, but I went through all of them and found the best one.

Who am I? I'm a Senior Software Engineer, Frontend at Airbnb. I've been using React since 2016 and I want to make it easy for you to learn and use React as well.

Without further ado, the data:

All free courses recommended by

Based on the data, I recommend Scrimba's free "Learn React" course for the following reasons:

  • it includes videos
  • it has an in browser IDE (integrated development environment) so you can code in the browser instead of fiddling with a local developer environment setup
  • its content is up to date
  • it has a follow on advanced course ($30/month subscription, another 12H+ of content)
  • it has over 200K students enrolled and includes a ton of content with 152 lessons in its free course

Codecademy's similarly named "Learn React" course is a close second. While it has almost twice as many students enrolled, it is a purely text based tutorial and the projects/quizzes cost extra (up to $50/month). Its content is pretty comprehensive but can't compare to the 152 lessons Scrimba offers. Codecademy's advanced course is also much shorter when compared to Scrimba's advanced course.

At this point, you should be clicking over to Scrimba to start learning React, but if you wanted some insight into Egghead's "The Beginner's Guide to React" here it is: it's all videos and there isn't a place to code in the browser, but it is taught by one of the more famous Javascript engineers out there, Kent C. Dodds. If you want to just watch some videos taught by an expert, this is a good one.

Hope this helps you pick the right course for learning React! All the data lives in this google sheet (with links) if you want it all.

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