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re: Engineering whiteboard interviews: yay or nay? VIEW POST


If a whiteboard is used as support for discussion, I'm fine with it, from something like "here is a piece of code, what's wrong with it?" to "that's our infrastructure, how would you improve on it?".

However, coding "live" on a whiteboard, paper, PC or else stresses me a lot.

I heavily rely on code completion (and copy/paste) and added to that, I have a really bad memory for names, be it for function, methods, methodology etc ...
So when it is time to write, I spend more time trying to remember the proper name of a function than to think about the logic of the code itself.

Pseudo-code or flowcharts would be fine as long as we don't focus on the minute details of the drawing.

I'd rather be given an assignment to complete before the interview for them to check I can create a solution based on the requirements.

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