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Youtube channels you should follow for web development

Hey, Welcome here. Today, we'll see some of the best youtube channel that you should consider following for web development. They are my favourite ones. And I guess they are amazing.

Without wasting more time, let's jump right into it.

1 Clever Programmer

clever programmer

Clever programmer is best channel to follow for react. He makes very good tutorial using react. He made netflix clone, slack clone, amazon clone, instagram clone and what not. Its amazing.

2 Online Tutorials

Online tutorials

This is the best channel on youtube for CSS tricks. Like he made so much interesting and amazing only using CSS. I learnt most of my CSS skills from him.

3 Codewithharry

Code with harry

This channel is all rounder. He makes tutorial on web development, python, c and all other programming languages. He explains very well. You can find full web development courses on this channel.

4 Traversy media

Traversy media

Traversy media, oh he is also great. He make tutorial on web development covering whole front end and backend. Its good for full stack development.

5 Modern Web

Modern web

Well this channel is mine. I am not a big youtuber. I feel my content is awesome. Anyway why don't you check out my channel give me feedback is it good or not. I know it don't deserve a place in this list but why not let me promote my self a bit also 😅.

Modern web makes awesome tutorials covering front end and backend and what not. You can find a lot of interesting tutorials on my channel. Below are some of my videos are


If you do like my content or any others channels content. Make sure you follow them.

If you can subscribe and give me a feedback about my channel that will be very appreciable.

Thanks for reading.

Discussion (17)

uponthesky profile image

where is fireship? I love his contents^^

enigma6174 profile image

Good article but you should also check out other great youtube channels like DevEd, Programming With Mosh, The Net Ninja, JavaScript Mastery and

kunaal438 profile image
Modern Web Author

Yup! I know them

abkap profile image
Abhishek A P

DevEd(javascript, css) , Kevin powell (css) , webDevSimplified(frontend , backend) are also great.

kunaal438 profile image
Modern Web Author

Yup! I do follow them also 😊

pulpfuture profile image
Adam Shockley

Fireship is the most concise entertaining dev content on youtube.

sique976 profile image


thecodepedia profile image

I learned coding from codewithharry's Channel ❤❤❤

jazzify profile image
Jorge Meza

I would recommend Coding Tech too

azlan_syed profile image

yup cwh is great i wish he could give some more content in his english channel programming with harry

cess11 profile image

Don't recognise any of them, might check some out.

I enjoy stuff from Strange Loop and CCC the most, and listen in on some of the things from the GOTO conferences.

brianshimkus profile image
Brian Shimkus

Sonny Sangha and Wes Bos are good too.

obaino82 profile image

Nice work buddy

ctismehmetbulut profile image
Mehmet Bulut

You should have hyperlinks.

waynium profile image

I like this, thanks for the recommendations 🙏

lazoliver profile image
Wilian Silva de Oliveira

Dude, how i can congratulate for your content? It's pretty awesome, easy to understand and have many aplications. Subscribed.

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