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How to make fully working ecom website part 2 [ Source code ]

Hello guys, welcome here. In today's article we'll see to create a working ecom website. Well this is a second part of it. So if you haven't watched the first part where we made the home page, product page, search page and 404 page. Then I'll recommend you watch that part first.


So in the second, we'll learn to create a working sign up page. We will make our own localhost server using express.js. We'll also learn to validate the form data using if & else in JS. We'll learn to manipulate CSS styles from JS and make dynamic HTML elements from JS. Basically we'll learn a lot of stuff in this part. Well all the code was about backend with little bit of front end. I thought not write a blog on it, instead you can watch the coding tutorial below in the video where I explained each and everything step by step. If don't want to watch the video, no worry you can download the source code from here.

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