You are NOT a React Native noob

Ankita Kulkarni on August 20, 2018

Common React Native gotchas and concepts that will help you before and during development ✨ React Native lets you use the same knowledg... [Read Full]
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I've been developing in React Native since around 2015, it's helped me go from releasing 0 apps to close to 150. Really do think it's an immense bit of tech!

One thing I'm noticing is a lot of people are using expo in these types of tutorials. Overall how have you found it? I'd say around half of the apps I've developed would have required me to detach an app from expo which sounds quite painful! Having said that it does seem quite powerful to get people up and running quick.


Hey Ankita! Sorry for the completely unrelated question, but can I ask how you added this to the article header?

Aug 20 Originally published at hackernoon.com on Aug 20, 2018

thank you in advance!


I did not add anything. I just let Medium use RSSFeed integration and I just hit publish in DevTo.

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