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re: Why Are Some Developers so Allergic to IDEs? VIEW POST


This has always been a strong opinion of mine: I think it's fine to use command-line editors as long as:

  • You're not a dev sacrificing productivity because you like the aesthetic/feel (i.e. you've put in the effort to improve the productivity past what's available base-line)

  • You're not a prof forcing it on students because you were forced to do it when you were a dev

Had some experiences with the second, and it's just a bad cycle to perpetuate. There's really nothing that command line editors have OVER traditional IDEs (Yes they're traditional in 2019), and the only arguments I ever hear productivity-wise or usability-wise are "well it's not THAT bad when you get used to it".

That's not a good reason to use something over something better.


I agree this is a pretty bad cycle.

Also, I don’t understand: WHY professor forces a particular editor instead of giving students freedom of choice, and mention all the options?

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