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Hi, this is more of a request for an OSS maintainer. I made a lightweight app to manage updating of World of Warcraft addons, and then stopped playing WoW. I'd like to pass the project off to someone, as maintaining this this is getting a little annoying seeing as I don't play the game anymore.

kuhnerdm / wow-addon-updater

Python script for mass-updating World of Warcraft addons

wow-addon-updater - Now supports Tukui!

This utility provides an alternative to the Twitch/Curse client for management and updating of addons for World of Warcraft. The Twitch/Curse client is rather bloated and buggy, and comes with many features that most users will not ever use in the first place. This utility, however, is lightweight and makes it very easy to manage which addons are being updated, and to update them just by running a python script.

Changelog located in changelog.txt

First-time setup

This utility has two dependencies:

  • A version of Python 3 (Any version of Python 3 should do)

  • The requests module

Thanks to, the requests module is now included in the download as a package, so there is no longer any need to install those yourself. Just install Python 3, download this app, configure the utility, and double click "" to start.

Configuring the utility

The "config.ini" file…

The biggest thing you'd need to be aware of is that the code needs to be updated whenever a supported addon provider (Curse, WoWInterface, etc) changes their site design or structure. These services don't have APIs (mainly because they don't want projects like this to succeed so they can sell their own competitors), so the code basically operates off of finding the download link from the given webpage and sending a GET request to it.

So if you're a WoW fan/player and committed (ha) to keeping this thing up-to-date, please contact me at and reference somewhere in the email.


Hey, I just stumbled over codeshelter if you don't find a new maintainer here maybe it's worth to check it out πŸŽ‰

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