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re: The problem is that different people have wildly different expectations and use-cases from todo lists. For example: Simple list of stuff (like gr...

It's an interesting problem. I personally use my todo list as a kind of burndown thing - I write down everything I can think of that I need to do in the near future or until a milestone, and start marking complete, archiving, etc, and use the overall proportions of done/not done as an indicator of my progress.

However, a developer I often watch streaming on Twitch uses his moreso like a notetaking thing - he basically will write something down that he may need to remember or get around to later, and then write down on that item all the information that he thinks is relevant for it. When it's done, he marks it complete and keeps that item around as a record of his entire process of figuring out what he needs to do, doing it, and dealing with any regressions or other repercussions.


May it be possible to define some primitives which individual clients can build on top of? Basically I expose some read and write info to any shared context, but in my own context, I can have lots of additional features.

Sort of like git and it’s clients/implementations?

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