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Discussion on: Do you consider the term "blacklist" a "racist" term? If yes, what is the alternative?

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Kaushik Thirthappa

Let's abolish these terms to start with -

blacklist / whitelist 👉 denylist / allowlist

master / slave 👉 primary / replica

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Michael Tharrington (he/him) • Edited

As well as being more inclusive — which I personally think should be enough reason to make the switch — denylist/allowlist is just plain easier to understand!

I think when folks are entrenched in tech, they forget that the words blacklist/whitelist aren't actually regularly used by many people.

For instance, I was just explaining this debate to my wife and she wondered Wait a minute, what's a whitelist? ... when I said, "Oh that's an allowlist." it instantly became clear to her.

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Manolo Edge • Edited

master/slave -> Puppeteer/Puppet
master/slave -> Gepeto/Pinochio

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Galuh Utama • Edited

primary/replica mostly only applies for databases though, whereas master/slave is waaaay more broad than that.

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Kyle Jones

Secondary generally works in most of the cases where replica doesn't apply

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Kaushik Thirthappa

Absolutely. primary / secondary it is then