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Discussion on: I think there is too much to learn in programming

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Kasey Speakman

You are 100% correct about there being so many things to learn. It is troubling to see the stress that new devs face. Especially in the web space with all the required learning, it feels impossible.

But there is also an equally intense joy on the other side of climbing that cliff. And even knowing nothing about you, I feel confident that you can do it. Search and experiment enough to solve your most immediate problem (e.g. how to setup dev environment or how to read a file). Then keep doing that step by step until you have worked your way to the goal.

For now, ignore all the posts saying "X things every developer should Y". (Or maybe permanently ignore them -- find a mentor instead.) Do what you gotta do to make it work first. Code quality is something you can learn about later. You first need to build confidence that you can do it. (You can!)

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