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Discussion on: Components are Pure Overhead

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Kasey Speakman

I assume we might have to make some React-specific tweaks if performance becomes an issue. But we're still waiting for that day. I suspect it has to do with following FP, which should only create pure components.

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Kasey Speakman • Edited

I wrote about it here. Edit: Well, just the organization part. I suppose the tech is glossed over a bit.

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Ryan Carniato Author

I think client-side is plenty optimal in general. We are getting the limit of what we can do here. Honestly I think this is the last overhead to remove in the browser rendering part of the equation. And we are only getting to those last dozen percentage points or so. I like solutions like what you are proposing because if you ever do hit the need your decision will be more empirical. You will go with the smallest/fastest choice as you aren't that dependent on the renderer's features.

But as an author here I'm always going to be looking to do better. The real push here I imagine will be coming from Server Side rendering and isomorphic solutions. I didn't really touch on this but that same ability to analyze state can improve bundling. Tooling is the next frontier of JS frameworks. Fatigue is ending, now it's time to battle complexity.

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