Discussion on: ↩️ Native Undo & Redo for the Web

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Nice article. I have one question, though. Why are you using splice in this._stack.splice(nextID, this._stack.length - nextID, data); and not push i.e. this._stack.push(data);? For me it's seems way more complicated to do all that in order to only add new element as the last element of the Array.

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Sam Thorogood Author

Good question!

It's subtle but we actually want to remove all elements after nextID.

Let's say I do three actions.. 1, 2, 3. I now have three (well four, if you include initial state) states on my stack.

If I undo two of those (3 and 2), my current state will be action 1. But I'm able to redo those two by typing Ctrl-Shift-Z.

I'm also able do perform another action, which would invalidate those previous states, because I can no longer redo them. That's what the splice is doing—removing the rest of the stack and pushing a new state on.

I hope that explanation helps!