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Discussion on: Every programming tutorial for beginners

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Tobias Krause

That's why you don't take YouTube as a source.

There are a few channels out there from experts. You just have to find them and do your research (check their twitter etc.)

Although even some experts are bad at teaching...

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Heiko Kanzler 🇪🇺

To be honest, I've seen many of the stuff mentioned above on Udemy (and others....) 😂

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Tobias Krause • Edited on

Well yeah that's why:

  • You look at the date of the course
  • You look how many people did the course (and the comments, stars)
  • You look at the profile/twitter of the lecturers. If they made like 10 good selling courses, the chance is high, that their courses are not that bad. And if they are a Microsoft MVP (or whatever title (or job) they have and their twitter bio) then they should also know what they are doing.

And last ... wait until the courses are cheap 😂

But I seems A LOT of people just try to make quick money with some of these courses