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Discussion on: Why and How I Replaced RVM with RBENV

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Kurt Bauer Author

Yeah, the person that pointed out the changelog issue was relating it to a production environment I think. I think you posit a good question, I try not to update packages in a project I've let go by the wayside but I think if you're looking for security patches or improvements on the codebase you'd want to update frequently. And one thing I've learned coding is no one is ever truly wrong, "first make it work, then fix it" is what an instructor of mine would always say when we were running through code challenges. So you haven't had any issues not updating for years at a time?

Also I moved up to New York from Florida and saw people asking for kethup on their BE&C too, that really made me scratch my head. But it's also pretty good, I actually had one this morning and asked for extra ketchup haha. I love trying out new foods, so I'm gonna get that chorizo one next week! Thanks for the tip (:

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Abhi Mahabalshetti • Edited

Security patches are probably the only reason I might even consider updating my current RVM setup. Apart from that, no issues.