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We use the OKR system at work, to a degree. We are a remote team, but once a quarter we all get together at HQ for a week of reviewing the previous quarter and setting goals for the next quarter.

That's how we set them at a team and company level. We don't have any kind of individual goals, I do that for myself. Currently, I have a basecamp set up with my personal private OKRs that emails me once a week to check in with myself. This is something new I'm trying for the first six weeks of 2020, so not sure how well it's going to work yet.


We do them biannually at my current company. Quarterly is really the right frequency.

Making goals quantitative and creating a readout of your goals to show your progress on a regular cadence is important. Think of them as personal KPIs.

Often times it's just my direct manager. I find that including feedback from my peers and direct reports is honestly more helpful.

I would highly recommend using OKRs if your company culture is conducive.
It provides a great framework for goals that are transparent, measurable, and ambitious. I've found OKRs to produce the highest levels of performance for both myself and my teams.

A good intro can be found here: rework.withgoogle.com/guides/set-g...


Attempt to identify your weaknesses for yourself. If you can, set a goal of what you want to learn or get better at. If you're unable to identify weaknesses in your skills then ask a colleague you trust. Do that on a daily basis.


We do quarterly reviews at bare minimum, but are experimenting with monthly. I think its important to have frequent feedback from someone who is aware of your current tasks.

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