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Have you looked at unity? You can definitely avoid JS with that! C# ftw!

I have some really good and original ideas but i'm not enough experienced and i don't know how to start. I'm not sure about structure of code, about libraries that i need, etc. I can't organize all into small parts because i don't know what parts i need to have at all.

The parts you need are the building blocks of your abstractions - the "what" you need rather than the "how".

That's a super simplification, but that's how I usually think of it. this is one of my most commented on posts

maybe because it's somehow controversial? Or I'm terrible at putting down thoughts in a coherent manner. But anyway, I think being able to break down the "what"s of your idea is a very important thing - you can do it in UML, interfaces, mock up classes, whatever!


Yep, i tried Unity and i'll give it try again.
But one bad thing with it - i can't see original code. I have Unity API but i can't see how it works at all.


UML seems very good, you first who told me about it! Thank you!

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