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  • If Monday or Thursday Wake up @ 04:00 - 04:30 (depending on if I can get my butt outta bed for an early morning workout. off to work at 05:00. Work on site til 3, pick up babby from pre-k, home. Make dinner, play with kid, potentially go to sleep at 8-9, or stay up late and play video games.
  • Any other day of the week (sometimes weekends depending on what I wanna get done) - depending on if I was up late playing video games or watching movies, my normal wake up may or may not be changing from the 04:30. If I need some extra sleep, I'll take it. Start work around 5 or 6 from work from home days, when babby wakes up, get him ready, drive him to pre-k, work and wrap up around 3 or 4:30, make dinner, play with babby, games/movies/bed.
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