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Is Blockchain the best IT security for the Applications ?

Blockchain is one of the most forward database technologies which helps in transaction of Cryptocurrency and it also helps in cybersecurity . Cybersecurity is a system which helps in protecting against threats. There are many ty[pes of IT security like application security , mobile security and many more . The main aim of Cybersecurity is to provide data protection. Blockchain has amazing technology which helps in engaging application safety. It provides an upper hand in IT security and also gives notable differences in cyber security . Blockchain are used in many forms like in Healthcare to keep patient records safely , It is also used in a currency form , and also it is used in voting to avoid election fraud. There are many advantages and disadvantages of blockchains . Blockchain is a very difficult interface. It needs experts who have the proper information about how blockchain actually works and how we can use it in an effective way . There are many types of Blockchain network like private network , public network and many more . Blockchain is very low accessible to outside parties but it is very secure and effective . In this article we will go through advantages and disadvantages of bitcoin and also how bitcoin helps in Cybersecurity in an effective way.

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