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Vaibhav Shirpurkar
Vaibhav Shirpurkar

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AI in javascript

I was a python developer so of-course I learned AI machine learning and deep learning. After that I also had interest in Web development
so then I learns MERN stack but now I started to enjoy Javascript and Typescript so I was wondering can I make machine learning models in Javascript?
After some time I found Tensorflow is also available on Javascript ie. Tensorflow js. Tensorflow is a well Known liabrary in AI.
Spending a good amount of time understanding Tensorflow from the core is a diffrent feeling. Then there is Brain.js liabrary.
by this i came across a lot of liabraries in Machine learning and AI

  • Tensorflow js

  • Brain.js

  • ml5.js

So the language can be anything if you want to learn AI and execute it You can do it in probably any language easily.

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