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Discussion on: Welcome Thread - v120

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Dave Creelman • Edited on

Hi All,
Kreels here. Hoping to get good at spending a little bit of time each day learning something new.

I remember finishing University (college if you're from America) and thinking I'd be so happy getting a Unix job somewhere, but I was a little afraid of C and pointers. I did basic (MapBasic, heard of it?) for a few years, then Delphi which I've been doing for.... many years now!
I'm aiming to gradually head towards more web consumable/available/based/aware apps.
I love Linux, Common Lisp, OrgMode and bash/zsh (a programmable command line environment is an amazing thing).
I'm concentrating on learning React and GraphQL (though that could change of course).

Very much looking forward to setting up a portfolio of the things I learn here.

Looking forward to running (virtually) into people around the place! All the best.

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Hi Kreel, Im also learning react now. Ive learnt pascal, c/c++, python back in college. But all I learnt was just a fundamental and I could not do any real big projects to land a job. Now, Im concentrating front-end web applications such as react. feel free to share project ideas !