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Discussion on: Mongodb-native over mongoose?

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Why I should use mongoose when I am looking desperately to move to MongoDB in order to get rid of all kind of nonsense schemas.... only usefullness I find is that it can provide an abstraction layer to work with OOP applications in format of model...

BUT basically I will choose native Mongo to avoid break for schema... please coreect if there is any other usefulness Mongo can provide....

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Coby Pachmayr

I realize this is an old thread, but thought I'd reply here for others who come along like I did. :-)

Although I'm new to MongoDB and GraphQL, I think that is the best reason for why one would want to have (or need) a Schema with a something like MongoDB.

I'm still working through whether to use mongodb-native or mongoose ... but thought I'd share that as I've been learning GraphQL, making sure that I have consistency between my schemas and resolvers has been helpful.