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Discussion on: SNS vs SQS? AWS Messaging Services - Know the difference

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Thank you for the response....getting closer, thanks to you.

So, it's an issue with the application / package combination. Are you able to access (you should see "Email Sent" and (you should see an error like "The GET method is not supported for this route. Supported methods: POST.")

The Laravel application is simply using the mail-tracker package (I've followed all the install and config instructions in the readme to a tee. I'm not saying that you should read that (you've been a great help)...but couldn't it potentially be a problem with the package itself? The SNS notification receipt /endpoint (which the package is responsible for and provides) is what is erroring out at

By the way, I get the same error in cloudwatch logs if I send email to :

However, I get no email receipts to my sending email, even though I have SES email forwarding enabled:
Is this something you've seen? I only seem to be getting emails of complaints, but not of successful deliveries or bounces.