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Discussion on: Creating a Feed for a Git-based CMS with Nuxt

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@jeremywynn thank you.
To boil it down I am trying to do a page that has infinite scroll / loading, but in SSR mode (possibly with AsyncData). If you see how does it....on the homepage if you scroll down, new content is shown. If you then view source, all the new content shows up in the source. That's exactly what I need to do for SEO and have only got infinite loading working (I trigger the ajax from the store, but then the new content doesnt show up on viewing the source).

I have a codesandbox link's kind of broken though. Been working on this for the past 2 weeks
(this is my attempt at doing it in SSR mode with Intersection Observor, but it doesnt work. I do have infinite loading working in non-SSR mode, but I need it to work in SSR mode for SEO)

Let me know if you need any updates to the CodeSandBox link above or if anything isn't clear. Thanks for looking at this.