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Discussion on: Understanding Nuxt & Vue hooks and lifecycle (part 1)

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KP • Edited on

I can only speak to the development / local server, because that's all I have tested so far. Production might be more complicated, I'm not sure though.

  1. laravel-nuxt/ --> root folder, this has all the laravel code (folders like app, bootstrap, config, resources, etc). See
  2. laravel-nuxt/client --> this has all the nuxt.js code (typically the 'client' folder doesnt exist in a laravel app) See

To run this on my local / dev server, I basically need 2 commands, both run from the root laravel-nuxt/ folder:

  1. php artisan serve ---> laravel starts listening on port 8000. Laravel development server started: and hosts the APIs in app/Http/Controllers:

  2. npm run dev --> this starts nuxt on localhost:3000.

OneStepAtATime:laravel-nuxt kp$ npm run dev

> @ dev /Users/kp/Code/LARAVEL_WORKING_CODE/NUXT/laravel-nuxt
> nuxt -c client/nuxt.config.js

  nuxt: Call build:before hooks (1) +0ms
  nuxt:build App root: /Users/kp/Code/LARAVEL_WORKING_CODE/NUXT/laravel-nuxt/client +0ms
  nuxt:build Generating /Users/kp/Code/LARAVEL_WORKING_CODE/NUXT/laravel-nuxt/.nuxt files... +0ms
  nuxt:build Generating files... +18ms
  nuxt:build Generating routes... +12ms
  nuxt:build Building files... +26ms
  nuxt:build Adding webpack middleware... +3s
  ████████████████████ 20% building modules{ parser: "babylon" } is deprecated; we now treat it as { parser: "babel" }.
  ████████████████████ 100% 

Build completed in 8.119s

 DONE  Compiled successfully in -2877ms                                                                                                                                                          12:46:55 AM

 OPEN  http://localhost:3000

You then go to localhost:3000 and it just works. Nuxt calls the Laravel APIs.

What do you think, given this description?

I'm not familiar with the nuxt "generate" I am confused / curious what you think.
What is the benefit of the two separate services route?

Technically the 'client' folder could be external to the Laravel app (laravel-nuxt), and I have done exactly that in Laravel -> Vuejs SPA apps, but never with Nuxt. I just started with the codebase above. What is the drawback of having them all in one project?

ps. also left you a message

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Lili Z Author

If you end up with two servers (Node.js running Nuxt/Vue on 3000 and Laravel server on 8000), then I think you are indeed on route 3 :)
Overall, you can keep it this way as it works, but there doesn't seem to be a requirement to keep it all in one folder. To a degree it's personal preference. I would/do keep things that run as separate processes and involve different tech in separate directories - just to make it easier for anybody looking into this code to see where the boundaries are (it also makes managing deployments easier for example). But, it's just a minor point, as long as you end up with these two servers running, all is fine and will work:)

Generate option: it's just an option in Nuxt to generate a static site. It will create a dist folder with everything (HTML/CSS/JS rather than .vue files) inside ready to be deployed.

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That's good to know, Lili! I was worried that I was going down a wrong path! I agree with you, keeping the folders separate and managing the deployments separately makes a lot of sense. Right now, since it's just me and I don't have a team, I'm going to keep them all in one folder (though I may make the 'client' folder it's own git repo and the master repo include it as a git submodule:

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One thing that is still confusing to me is why this repo has a router.js
I thought Nuxt automatically compiles the routes based on the files in the directory. Not sure if you have an idea what this is for...

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Lili Z Author

Re: router.js - you are absolutely right, Nuxt will create router.js based on /pages folder structure (you can see this in sample project for this post too). Not sure why there is one in your source code... Maybe a leftover from another approach? Or maybe sth went wrong in code generation in Nuxt template? Either way, you should not need it, and I'm not sure what happens if you have it (will it override Nuxt, or just be ignored?).

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Thanks Lili. Upon digging deeper this is what I found / filed:
He is essentially overriding the default Nuxt functionality of auto-creating routes because he likes doing it the manual way. So yeah, I've asked him to remove it and he seems open to the idea.