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Schedule / Timeline for React with Planby 2.0 πŸš€

Hello readers!

If you are looking for a quick solution to implement your own schedule, timeline, live events, music events, EPG then the Planby component is the right tool.

Planby 2.0 has been released! πŸš€

The current version includes a number of key functionalities that makes Planby a fully multifunctional component that meets all project requirements.

Below is a list of new functionalities:

  • set custom time ranges

  • set hour format 24h or 12h (AM / PM)

  • set custom width of a hour, e.g. 300px, etc.

  • set custom sidebar's width

  • set custom event's height

  • set custom UI of an event, sidebar and timeline. (Material UI, Chakra UI, Antd etc.)

Here is the previous article with a detailed description of Planby

Check out Planby with a control panel πŸš€

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