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Discussion on: #100DaysofCode worth it or not? 🤔

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Kevin Woblick

Pretty interesting story. I can totally understand that you quit the challenge.
Personally, I am not into those challenges at all. Not event the Advent of Code which is somewhat human with only 24 days. The thing is, that coding is - besides my actual job - only a hobby. I do not make any great money from it and I only do it when I want to and not because something needs to be finished. Why should I force myself to code?
To be totally honest, these challenges reflect a big problem with the development community: people make themselves a lot of stress for something that is not worth anything. Neither the argument of testing your abilities and achieving something, nor the argument that it may be something great to present in your resume, seems reasonable if on the other hand you push yourself a bit more into burnout.
Nobody cares if you complete a challenge and nobody cares if you don't even start it.

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Sarthak Sharma Author

Agreed! Though for beginners, starting do matters. 😊

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Guillaume Martigny

There's indeed a lot of competition on the dev community. I mean, you learn a lot by clashing against others, but don't sweat it.
Sadly, the limit between "healthy comparison with other ways" and "I got to be the very best" is blurry.

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