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Discussion on: Be careful with Docker ports!

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Kevin Woblick Author • Edited

In your case the container wouldn't be able to be accessed from the outside anyway, because you specified the publiched ports as However, if you publish the ports globally, you would still be able to access the container from the outside, like docker run -d —network custom_net —publish 5433:5432 postgres.
The thing is that Docker networks are public by default and connected to the host network. You would have to create your network with the --internal flag. But this would make it impossible to access Postgres even while you are on your host, because it now runs in a completely isolated network.

So, specifying your ports with is the most reliable and secure way.

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Ryan Jan Borja

(If I get it right), If I only want PostgreSQL to be accessible from the host machine I should not include a custom network and my docker run command should look like this.
docker run -d --publish If I want it to be accessible within the network or even outside, I should remove

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Kevin Woblick Author

Yes, that's correct.

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