How To Ditch All Facebook Products 👀

koshishinan profile image Koshi Shinan Originally published at koshinan.com ・1 min read

Delete WhatsApp, Instagram & Facebook.

Both Facebook and Instagram (bought by FB for one billion dollars) are centered around you, boosting your ego and making you more and more closed and disconnected from the real world and people around you. Perfect example of antisocial network that looks more like Chinese social credit system.

Let's not forget that, unfortunately, great messaging app WhatsApp was also bought by Facebook for $19 billion!

It's obvious that Facebook invested huge amount of money to get access to your data. Everything you do on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp is tracked and monitored. You have zero privacy.

I know it's difficult to imagine not using Facebook services, but I promise you that after just a few days without them, you will realize that you, actually, have much better (and more secure) tools for communication. It's time to wake up!

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