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It's actually me
It's actually me

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Hello world

GitHub used to be my unicorn and now it is my bitch.

I interact with GitHub more often than Twitter or LinkedIn, so why not use it for everything else, say, todos, bookmarks, links, ahaa thoughts, notes for future me, journaling, and the like? It makes more sense, at least for me. I'm that nerd 🤓

Kosala Nuwan's GitHub contributions

The truth is I tried out all those widespread productivity and notes-taking apps from Evernote to OneNote, Workflowy, Trello, Todoist, Asana, and even Notion. For the record, they all seemed great apps but this is just my personal preference.

About the site

In case you were wondering, these journal notes are:

You can find more about my work on my GitHub Page.

For comments or questions, feel free to ask me on GitHub, on Twitter, or via email at kosala dot nuwan at gmail dot com.


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